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Do you have STORM DAMAGE to your roof or exterior of your home? Your HOMEOWNERS INSURANCE may cover repairs/replacement, less your deductible. Because the claim is considered a natural disaster, increases in future rates are not expected as a result of the storm damage claim. Filing an insurance claim can be a complicated, tedious process, but we are here to help you navigate. Let us interface with your insurance provider to make sure your claim is processed quickly and accurately.

Hail on roof after hailstorm.jpg

Hail can be highly destructive to your roof, even if not apparent to the naked eye. Even small hail stones can result in major damage to the shingle by causing granule loss, leaving the asphalt layer of the shingle exposed to the elements, including UV rays that will leave exposed areas brittle and cracked. Once this damage occurs, your roof is more vulnerable to leaks and high winds that will ultimately rip the shingle from the decking. Despite how inconspicuous it may initially seem, hail damage repair is necessary and critical before leaks begin to form.

If your home has fallen victim to a hail storm recently, contact Supreme Roofing ASAP for a free storm damage inspection. We can let you know whether there is sufficient damage to necessitate an insurance claim.


Blown off shingles? High winds can rip loose shingles from the decking. Exposed decking is vulnerable to rot and rust if not addressed, which can result in more expense in the long run. In more severe cases, high winds can result in fallen branches and trees that can result in severe damage to the structural integrity of your roof and exterior of your home.

If your home has fallen victim to a wind storm recently, contact Supreme Roofing ASAP for a free storm damage inspection. We can let you know whether there is sufficient damage to necessitate an insurance claim.

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Think you may have storm damage to your roof? The easiest way to find out is to give us a call to schedule your FREE STORM DAMAGE INSPECTION to determine if there is sufficient damage to your home to warrant an insurance claim. We are happy to help you navigate the insurance process, from ensuring your claim is processed efficiently and accurately, to meeting with the adjuster, to submitting claim supplements if necessary. We'll ensure you receive the brand new roof that you are entitled to!




Fill out our contact form or give us a call to schedule your free storm damage inspection. We will assess your home exterior for any and all signs of damage.



If we find evidence of damage, we will compose a report  and help you contact your insurance provider to initiate the claims process. If you'd like, we can take control of the claims process on your behalf or simply act as an advisor on how to best navigate the complex claims process.


Adjuster Appointment

You can then give us your adjuster's information or let your adjuster know to contact us directly to set up an appointment. We will represent you during the appointment and explain the extent of the damage to the adjuster.


Claim Paperwork

Before signing any paperwork from the insurance company, send it to us to ensure that all damages were adequately covered or if any revisions are necessary. 


Job CompletioN/ Supplementation

All work will be completed as specified. We will reach out to the adjustor to let them know that the work is complete. If necessary, we will send photos & supplements to the adjustor if there are any hidden/additional costs accrued and to ultimately receive the proper RCV.

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